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Is your tail wagging in eager anticipation for this year's Yuletide launch??? I bet it is. Never fear, your anticipation will soon be rewarded!  2023 Fiber Friends Yuletide Nubbins (and  ornaments) will be launching the Saturday following Black Friday (that's the 25th) in pairs and trios through Thursday the 30th. As always, supply is limited and fan-passion is high so check out the tips i've included below to help you succeed in your quest to add one of this year's Nubbins to your collection.


All Yuletide purchases will ship out within one week I highly recommend you chooose PRIORITY shipping.


As always, thank you to EVERYONE who is excited about my next holiday launch. It brings me so much joy that my little Nubbins make so many people happy.  SHOPKEEPER'S REQUEST: PLEASE limit your purchase to 1 (or 2 if giving a second as a gift) of my limited edition Nubbins. There are only so many to go around (I have yet to invent a working Transmogrifier to clone myself) and i want as many new and returning folks as possible to join in the fun!


Here are some tips on how you can score a Yuletide Nubbin this year:

1. Bookmark the holiday shop page or keep it open in your browser.

2. Refresh that page often. New inventory will only appear by refreshing the page.

3. Check my instagram stories for updates. I will usually post a 'that's it for today' story letting you know it's ok to leave your device to take a shower ;)

4. If you want to grab any extras like stickers or display pads, please add them to your cart now. If and when you do see a Nubbin pop up in the shop, and you like it: add it to your cart and check out as swiftly as possible. I do apologize if this may seem like a competition, but it often is. I can only felt so many little Nubbins and have some very passionate customers (thank you!)

5. There have occasionally been instances where an item double sells= A. help to avoid this by checking out quickly. B. if this does happen, please be patient. I will do my very best to make everyone happy by finding some kind of solution!

6. Please only purchase one, maybe two. Share the love :)


My limited edition holiday Nubbins can't wait to help you celebrate the season and begin or add to your Fiber Friends collection. Be sure to check out ALL of the festive Nubbins in our in-stock and holiday shops. All Fiber Friends come in an adorable box, perfect for wrapping, giving as is, or storing in the 'off season.'


And remember: it is never too early to plan ahead for next year (planning ahead is always a good idea since my waiting list is generally booked out at LEAST 6 months.) Consider ordering a custom Nubbin of YOUR pup with a matching outfit (or 3) or pick up one of my generic holiday Nubbins to be made in my next opening (wearing this year's scarf) or shortly before the next holiday season (wearing that year's  scarf).


Out of Stock
  • Good news! All holiday Nubbins will ship by December 4th.

  • Never miss out on the freshest holiday Nubbins! "Like" Pocket and Miranda on Facebook or follow them on Instagram and find the complete list of holiday inventory in the holiday shop.

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