Our family gatherings may look a little different this year, but all the more reason to surround yourself with cuteness and joyful corgi smiles that have been lovingly handmade. Ornaments for the tree or wreath and adorable elf and reindeer Nubbins will be launching SOON, all decked out in jingle bells and festive scarves.


Beginning shortly after Thanksgiving I will be revealing a few Friends at a time, 1-2 times a day until all the spritely elves and feisty reindeer have joined the virtual party.


I do have one request: PLEASE LIMIT YOUR PURCHASE TO ONE. To help spread as much joy to as many corgi lovers as possible, please only purchase one Nubbin or ornament to add to your collection. I will be packing most or all orders as a group after they've sold - so on the off chance you see one you MUST HAVE after you've already ordered one, it is ok to order that second one and cancel your first purchase. I can cancel/refund and relist your first purchase promptly.  ** For people purchasing your Nubbins as gifts: please purchase as many as you'd like :) Spread the love! :)


MORE FUN: Please join me on Instagram when i go LIVE to introduce all the new little Friends!  I will announce the live event soon. I'll have all the details about the holiday launch and will be taking your questions to be answered live.

I hope to see you there!

Holiday Nubbins & Ornaments