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Pocket looks super fly in this holographic sticker that is PERFECT to slap on your Trapper Keeper in time for back-to-school. An 80s/90s vibe,  inspired by my Huffy bike and Pocket's steely coolness: you must have this sticker while it lasts!


Slap this adorable sticker on your iPad, Nalgene, Yeti cooler, Hydroflask (or other hip, brand name, reusable receptacle of foods and beverages) and enjoy the delightful smiling faces of Pocket and Bunyip everywhere you go. Not just mascots on a cute logo, they are real life buddies and my favorite fuzzy friends to snuggle up with in the evening.


Stickers measure 3x3 inches and are printed on quality vinyl by Sticker Mule. Stickers ship free!

Rainbow Space Explorer - Holographic!

  • Select the "STICKERS SHIP FREE' shipping option at check out when purchasing just the stickers. If you're adding a sticker to your purchase of another physical item, select the shipping method you prefer for that.



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