Stay tuned for the 2022 Yuletide auction set!


I am so excited to offer this beautiful set to celebrate the season with you and hope this can become an annual tradition. To bid on this set please visit the auctions page. Bidding opens Friday evening and ends Sunday evening at 5 pm PST.

I was doing some thinking while on our weekly hike recently: My Yuletide Nubbins always sell out so quickly.... while this humbles me and brings me lots of joy, I wanted to offer something extra special to be sold by an auction. Selling one extra special piece this way might allow more folks to vie for it vs having to hunt my website and be subjected to random chance. For this inaugural set I have felted a Pocket inspired 'jumbo Nubbin' (she's about twice as tall as my regular Nubbins), wearing a beautiful, "fur lined" cape and joined by a lovely decorated tree and snowy owl. All are displayed on a polished cedar base that is topped with sparkling 'snow.' Snow is removable unless winner wants me to glue it down. *I may update the set by cutting a new snowy base with pinking shears, if i can find any in my sewing room.

All of the wool sculptures have been handmade by me using locally raised wool and no armature or glass eyes. Cloak is hand sewn and the base is made from recycled cedar siding from our home in Oregon.

I hope you think this special set is beautiful. I am certain it would look lovely on your mantel this season and for many seasons to come! The solstice is such a special time of year for reflection, quiet moments and of course for looking forward to longer days. During these short days and long nights, I am SO thankful for all the friends I have made through my work as a fiber artist. I have met so many wonderful people and their pets. Your love for your pets is what keeps me going on even the longest days. Thank you for your support over the years!

2021 Special Edition Yuletide Nubbin set

  • Set will ship by December 6th.

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