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Fiber Friends are works of art and should be handled with care. That being said, they are pretty sturdy and can be kept safe by following a few tips.  If your Friend is ever damaged, message me to discuss repair!



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Care Instructions
  • Fiber Friends need very little care and most damage can be avoided by displaying out of the reach of pets and children.

  • Dust occasionally and avoid playing with in very dirty situations.

  • Consider displaying behind glass, under a cloche and out of direct sunlight. Bell jars/ cloches can be found at many craft or kitchen stores in an assortment of sizes.

  • Protect your Fiber Friends from clothing moths and carpet beetles. Carefully look over your Friend often - if it starts to look fuzzy all over, or if you see holes you may have invaders! Carpet beetle larva can burrow into your friend and like to start in the armpits and bases of tails. If you have an infestation, freeze your Friend for at least 2 weeks and consider keeping your friend under glass. To repel these pests keep cedar or lavender sachets nearby.

  • Hangnails and rough edges are hard on Fiber Friends. If your Friend gets snagged and unravels some of the wool, carefully trim the loose edges. Do not pull on the loose fibers or you can pull off much of the finished felt.

  • Fluffy Friends are the most fragile: do not pull on loose fibers and avoid matting by handling too frequently. Trim fly aways rather than pulling.

  • Though felted very sturdily, avoid pulling on legs/ears

  • Mobiles: do not pull on strands and do not allow baby to reach the mobile (choking hazard!). Yarn can be broken if tugged on roughly. When spinning the mobile, spin by the wooden hoop not individual strands.

  • Contact me if your Friends are ever damaged - I'm here to help!

About your new Friend

Every Fiber Friend is one of a kind and needle-felted using wool grown in Oregon or as locally as possible. I do not use armature or glass eyes and can spend up to 16 hours on one piece. Most Fiber Friends measure around 5-6 inches long. Ornaments and other Nubbins can be smaller and batch orders can be felted proportionately to each other. Fiber Friends are not meant to be toys and should be treated as collectible figurines, sculptures or special commemorative art pieces to remember  a favorite pet by.  I felt every Friend to be as sturdy as possible, but kitty claws have a knack for ruining felted animals! IMPORTANT: Fiber Friends mobiles are NOT to be played with by baby and may pose a choking risk. Please hang high above baby's reach to enjoy looking at and not touching.


I love every Fiber Friend that comes out of my studio (and sometimes want to steal them!) and stand behind their quality for the long haul. Should your Friend be damaged, please do not hesitate to contact me for repairs. Cost for repairs depends on the severity of the damage and I make every effort to find an affordable solution. *Most damage can be avoided by displaying your Friend out of reach of pets or young human-children.


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