Give a special gift or treat yourself to something one of a kind. Help me and my generous collaborators raise money for our favorite causes.

Pocket is pleased to present a very special auction just in time for her 11th birthday!!

Featuring Corgi Nation's beloved angel, Georgie @RalphTheCorgi and raising funds for Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue!

100% of the proceeds* will go to QBSDR and the lucky winner will receive Georgie's custom Stubbin wearing a locket that contains genuine Georgie floof and his favorite ball to dance with!

Auction details as follows:

Included in this auction is Georgie's Stubbin, his favorite 'Georgie-ball' and a locket containing genuine Georgie floof! Bonus sticker by @corgocollective

Bidding is closed with a winning bid of $850 that the winner generously rounded up to $900!!!

Thank you, Corgi Nation!!!! So many little corgis will benefit from this fundraiser!

Retail value of this Stubbin + locket and favorite toy is $130: Please BID GENEROUSLY to help Pocket and Angel-George raise lots of money for corgis in need!

*After transaction and shipping fees

comment to bid:

Giving back since the beginning

Since i launched Fiber Friends as a business back in 2012 I've been donating funds to organizations whose missions are to serve the stumpy corgi pups that make up the majority of my clientele (and whom i am obviously biased to love.) Once or twice a year, Pocket and I like to hold a fundraiser auction for one of these causes. You can see a list of previous fundraiser recipients here.

In honor of Pocket's 11th birthday this year, we are teaming up with one of Corgi Nation's darlings: @RalphTheCorgi in honor of dear Georgie who lost his fight with cancer in December 2020. I have been heartbroken for George's mama while she grieves his loss and thought I might cheer her up by sending her a special Georgie-Stubbin and auctioning off a second to raise some money for one of our favorite rescues: Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue.

Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue (QBSDR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corgi rescue located in sunny Southern California. They specialize in rescuing special needs corgis from California's high kill shelters and those needing to be rehomed. They put great emphasis on rehabilitating the dogs medically and behaviorally through training and behavior modification, while getting to know their needs and quirks in order to find them the right home.

Pocket can't think of a better birthday gift than for you to bid generously and help her raise funds for QBSDR and to cheer up Georgie's mama. Bid in honor of Pocket and George and help raise money to help other corgis who need our help!

Thank you so much for bidding. While you're here, take a look around. I would love to make something special just for you that lifts your spirits too. <3

- Miranda (and Pocket!)