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Miranda is a fine artist and animal lover with extreme attention to detail. 

Pocket is a corgi who loves to herd ducks and is Miranda's favorite muse.

Bunyip is a tiny rabbit with a big heart.

Roll over the images below to learn more about how Fiber Friends are made

Fiber Friends are small felted sculptures that bring joy to pet lovers all over the world.

On 17 acres at the foothills of Oregon's coastal range, Miranda Rommel (published illustrator, novice handspinner/knitter, animal lover and math-challenged entrepreneur) carefully crafts each of her tiny Fiber Friends using locally grown wool and wraps them in sustainable packaging. Fiber Friends are a blend of her illustrative style and the realistic portrayal of her clients' pets or the animals found on and around her farm. Using traditional hand cards, Miranda blends natural and dyed wools to match each client's coat color and relies on good photography from their human stewards as reference to get all the details down perfectly.


Fiber Friends was founded in 2012 soon after Miranda attempted felting her very first Corgi as a Valentine's gift to her husband. The resultant ball of loosely felted orange and white wool wasn't much to look at. Luckily she persevered and continued her study in felt until she achieved their current state of adorable awesomeness.


Miranda is inspired by nature, Tasha Tudor, Beatrix Potter,  Calvin and Hobbes and most of all her Corgi, Pocket (assistant, anatomical reference, muse and doorbell.) Miranda and Pocket spend their days tending to their domestic rabbits, ducks and other happy livestock, cultivating the soil, breathing fresh air and spending long hours in the Fiber Friends studio seeking perfection in every felted creation, right down to the pads on their paws.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information  and important care instructions.

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Pocket and Bunyip, the friends behind the logo
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