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One of a kind, lifelike yet whimsical, sculpture in wool: Fiber Friends are all of these things and as unique as your pet! This listing is for our most realistic felt sculpture: Fiber Friends are tiny (5-6ish inches from nose to rump (when standing)) felted pet portraits, made by a fine artist in Oregon who loves animals as much as you do. Fiber Friends are best displayed in a place of honor, preferably behind glass. Fluffy Friends are slightly more delicate than short coated Friends. Each Friend is custom made to match your pet to a T with a splash of artistry.

I will require excellent photographs of your pet in order to most accurately match their markings. When purchasing this listing please enter your pet's name, preferred pose and choose from the menu to specify your pet's fur color/length.


NEW: I now offer ponies! I can felt your horse, pony or mule as a short, plump Fiber Friend. Not quite as realistic as my canine/feline Fiber Friends, but super cute and worth coveting.

Fiber Friend: Realistic Pet Portrait

  • Your Fiber Friend will be totally special, but wouldn't she be even cuter with a hat? Or favorite toy? Perhaps some angel wings and a memorial locket? All add-ons can be found here.