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Include Fiber Friends on your special day! I can match your pets or favorite animals in Nubbin or Stubbin form. CONTACT ME TO INQUIRE AVAILABILITY.

Sets are available as Nubbins or Stubbins, include whatever pretty wedding outfits you would like and can include your wedding date on the bottem. Nubbins/Stubbins can match your specific pet or can be felted as a 'generic' animal in your favorite fur color. Price of the set varies based on the choice of Nubbin/Stubbin/Generic or Custom.


Important: Remember that i usually have a waiting list of several months, so order well in advance of your big day!


Why put some generic, plastic cake topper on your beautiful cake when you can order something made especially for you to enjoy during years of happy marriage?

Cake Toppers

Out of Stock
  • 2 Nubbins or Stubbins made just for you
    Bride/groom traditional garb and tiny bouquet
    Date of wedding on the bottom (optional)


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