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Have a Nubbin or Stubbin at home, or placing a new custom order that you'd like to dress up for the holidays? Hats are the best accessory!

Stubbins get a tiny felted hat that will set on its head between its ears and can be held in place with a sewing pin.

Nubbins get an elf hat sewn from sheet felt with a jingle bell and slit cut for your Nubbin's ear. If adding this to your custom order I will fit the hat to your Nubbin and will permanently felt it to its head unless you specifiy you want it to be removeable.  Other hats may be removeable or permanent. See 'fit etc' for more info.


Elf hat color may vary.

Elf/Santa Hats

  • If you are adding to a Nubbin at home, the fit of your elf hat may not be 100% perfect. You will need to carefully place the slit over the ear and pull it down over the ear.  Reindeer antlers and Santa hats with white trim and beards are only available as permanently attached items to a current custom order. Felted Stubbin hats may need to be held in place with a sewing pin.

  • Your little Friend will be cold in just a hat. Be sure to add a scarf to complete the outfit ;)

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