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Is your dog in the herding group? Corgis, border collies, heelers and more LOVE to herd sheep! So, why bring home a sheep or three for your new Stubbin, Nubbin or realistic Fiber Friend to herd around your desk?


Are you a sheep lover? Me too! I couldn't do my work without the glorious wool provided by beautiful sheep. This listing is for one white Border Leicester sheep. This breed has the cutest 'bunny ears' and beautiful, lusterous wool. Your sheep will be felted using Border Leicester wool :)   If you prefer a sheep with lower ears I can accomodate this request but am only offering white sheep felted with BL wool at this time. 



Little Sheep

  • Want a whole flock? Just use the 'quantity' function to add as many sheep as you'd like! *Note: waiting list DOES apply. Please contact me to find out current availability if your order is time sensitive.

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