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Welcome your new kiddo into the world by decorating his nursery with his very own name. Your child will love to learn the letters in their name, enjoy the sweet animals and the bright colors on the wall in their bedroom throughout their childhood! *PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW FOR COMPLETE A DESCRIPTION OF THE ILLUSTRATION ORDERING PROCESS.*


Ordering a custom mobile? Consider adding an illustration to match the colors and animals and receive a 10% discount on your special drawing.


Illustration size: 8x10.

Illustration comes ready to frame. We recommend using an 8x10 mat inside a larger frame.

Hand drawn on 100% recycled paper tinted paper, signed by artist.


Consider adding a high resolution digital copy to print at home to use on cards or post to your favorite social media profiles!

3 colors of paper to choose from: Starch Rain (light blue) Flannel yellow and Rose pink.

Name Illustration

Paper Color
  • How does ordering an illustration work? How long is the waiting list?

    Good news: ordering an illustration is not subject to the same waiting list as our felted pet portraits. BUT i do still work in the order received and will complete your illustration around the edges of my felting projects. You are an integral part in designing your custom illustration! Here is what to expect:

    1. Shortly after you place an order, you will receive an email from me requesting your child's name and what sort of animals and colors you want included, and if you have any other ideas or requests. Don't have a specific design in mind? Just tell me a few of your or your child's favorite things/places and i'll go from there.

    2. I will send you 2-4 'thumbnail sketches'. These sketches will be very rough/simple and are meant to flesh out composition and try out ideas. I will need a response from you: what do you like/dislike about each or do you have a favorite.

    3. From there i will come up with another, more polished sketch, taking your ideas into consideration. Again, i will send this to you for review/feedback.

    4. Based on your feedback i will either tweak this sketch some or just polish it up. This is the time for final review or to request any last changes.

    5. Once i get the 'thumbs up' at the 'final sketch' phase i will transfer your illustration onto the paper of your choice and proceed to finish it. No changes may be requested once the drawing is finished, so please be sure you love your final sketch.


    Since your feedback is so important during the sketch phase, your turnaround will be highly variable based on how long this phase takes us. Once i move to finish i will work on your drawing in any gaps between felt orders and may take up to a month to complete. Once finished i will send you a low res scan and ship out. If you requested a digital copy i will send a high resolution copy.


    I reserve the rights to my original artwork. Please credit me when sharing images of my work to social media. To clients who choose a high resolution image: this is for personal use only:  do not use my artwork on any goods you plan to sell.


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