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Please read listing fully before ordering:


This listing is for a Nubbin with generic markings and a simple holiday outfit. Use the drop down options to choose your favorite Corgi color and a simple costume. * WAITING LIST DOES APPLY


Nubbin will NOT be made to match your pet (Check out our custom Nubbin listing to match him perfectly and add costume or hat from my add-ons section for ultimate festiveness!). Your new Nubbin will be felted and delivered based on current wait times. Please check prior to ordering to find out when my next opening is (can be several months).


Generic Corgi 'Holiday' Nubbin

Corgi Color
Out of Stock
  • Regular waiting list applies. I'll assign you your place on the calendar in your confirmation email. Watch for this email within 3 days after ordering.

  • This is a custom made item that will be made just for you and is subject to my current wait time (generally ~ 6 months.) 

    Want instant gratification? Watch my socials to find out when my next holiday launch will be!

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