Love my 'it's a little bit stuffy in here' sticker that i put on all my parcels? Have some great ideas on what Pocket must be thinking while being subjected to all these photo shoots? Grab this sticker and fill in the thought bubble with your own catch phrase!  


Use a fine tip Sharpie pen and allow sticker to dry fully before sticking to something cute. Be sure and post a pic and tag me so i can see what you came up with! We're on FB and IG @FiberFriends.


Slap this adorable sticker on your iPad, Nalgene, Yeti cooler, Hydroflask (or other hip, brand name, reusable receptacle of foods and beverages) and enjoy Pocket's delightful smile everywhere you go.


Stickers measure 2x2 inches and are printed on quality vinyl by Sticker Mule. Stickers ship free!

Sticker: Pocket Says What?